Who We Are

Our Vision

The Bridge Youth  Center is a youth center in downtown Zeeland, Michigan. We provide a variety of programs for youth, primarily geared toward middle school-aged kids. These programs are born from our vision of a community that values youth. Our vision is four-fold:

  • To provide a place where youth will feel safe, loved, affirmed, and respected as a child of God and where they may engage in constructive programs and activities that will allow them to develop in healthy ways
  • To share the good news of Jesus Christ with all the youth of the greater Zeeland community
  • To reach out to the youth of the community–through relationships with adults and peers–to meet them at their point of need and to draw them into the church of Christ
  • To be a ministry where brothers and sisters in Christ–regardless of denominational background–can come together in common cause, utilizing all the gifts that God has given to His people to pray for and minister to the youth of our community

Our Mission:

The mission of The Bridge Youth Center is to provide a place where all kids are Safe, Loved, and Valued, surrounded by caring community members who introduce Christ’s love in all that they do.

We are constantly seeking to live into this mission by using our vision to guide everything we do. With these in mind, we utilize all available information to develop and maintain our programming in order to best meet the needs of the youth in our community. One of these sources is the annual Ottawa County Youth Assessment Survey. To see the most recently published survey, click here.