Community Growers

Together is better.
That is our belief. 

Steadfast Community Growers is a partnership between Vriesland Church and Bridge Youth Center in Zeeland, but the reach doesn't stop there. It is our mission to work alongside youth, their families, and surrounding residents to develop healthy relationships while building community.

Mentorship Program

It is our commitment to work alongside the members of Vriesland Church participating in the CSA that wish to partner with us in growing produce for the shareholders. Proceeds of the CSA Shares will go towards sponsoring the students working on the farm. This sponsorship will help cover the cost of camp and activities throughout the summer and following school year for those participating. Students will be on the farm 1 day per week learning and being part of produce distribution as it works for their schedule.

Opportunities on the farm may include but are not limited to: growing, sowing, tilling, weeding, photography, recipe development, small equipment repair, educational classes on compost, beekeeping, and much more! The opportunities are endless as we establish relationships and see the need where it may lie to encourage development among our students.

Leaders and mentors from Vriesland Church are working on a volunteer basis.


Although this is our first year with as Steadfast Community Growers, there is a team of committed and experienced leaders working the farm. From large scale farming, CSA farm experience, to teaching, we are eager and excited for a successful season. We are so thankful for this opportunity and can't wait to grow in our partnership.