The Bridge Youth  Center relies on community partnerships for its very existence. With a minimal staff, programs are dependent on participation of volunteers. The Bridge Youth Center works closely with many other community organizations to avoid duplicating services. Recognizing that no single organization can do everything that needs to be done, our vision is for the Bridge Youth  Center to be an "instrument" in a collaborative community "orchestra" of individuals and agencies partnering together to build community strengths for healthy youth.



The youth themselves are a defining piece of the Bridge Youth Center, having identified the need and participated fully in the process of designing the facility and its programs. Our goal is to empower youth to help us develop the guidelines for this ministry and to hold themselves and their peers accountable for its success.

The Bridge Youth  Center is supported by over 20 area churches, over 35 area businesses, various foundations and grants, as well as over 500 community individuals. We thank each of the following partners for their continued support!