It's Amazing is an interactive group of middle and high school students who are interested in exploring their faith and expanding their role in the community. Students are invited to attend after Bridge to Excellence concludes at 5 pm on Wednesday's. Each week we will participate in a group activity and/or engage in a community service project. We will also enjoy a meal and dive deeper into God's "Amazing" direction for each of our lives. Our Vision through this new "Amazing" program is to inspire young people to dig deeper into the word and God's purpose for our lives. By connecting the group to folks throughout our community, we hope to instill a value in each young person that stays with them throughout their lives. The extension of grace to others can be a true characteristic that our community can thrive on for years to come. This program meets on Wednesdays from 5 pm until 7 pm.

Purpose: To provide an opportunity for students to explore a deeper connection to their faith and drive them to make a difference in our community. To learn about the gift of Grace in our lives and how to extend that in our lives and how to extend that to others.

Program Needs: We are seeking caring community members who love Christ and are willing to invest in the lives of young people to come along side them each week.

Contact: Jed Mulder: