Skills for Life

This program is targeted at working specifically with the non-traditional students. These students may not excel in the traditional classroom environment and may not receive the necessary support from home, church, or through community members. These students often find themselves failing a subject in the early years of high school. To graduate they must make up that subject, but all too often they are caught in a spin cycle of additional subject failures. Students caught in this become increasingly frustrated at the value of school itself and often find themselves rebelling against its expectations.

Our intent is to put the local high school kids in front of local plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, auto body repair folks, printers, builders, small engine repair owners, welders, air conditioning/furnace folks, etc. for the purpose of giving each student first hand experience seeing where and how each career works. Students will receive input from participating employers as to what the expectations of the job may be, the potential pay, career opportunities, and even discuss short and long term hiring possibilities.

By investing in the lives of students outside the classroom, schools will develop a means to keep kids accountable. Employers may begin to find future employees. Students will gain first hand knowledge of careers that may not require years of education to attain. Through all of this, The Bridge gets to surround students with caring community members who introduce them to Christ’s love in all that they do.

We ask for your prayers and support as we continue this exciting work throughout the community.

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