Mentor: Through both our Bridge to Excellence and In-school mentoring program, there are opportunities to connect with students on a one-on-one or small group basis. These volunteers commit to 2 hours a week to meet with students to work on homework but also to create a deep, understanding relationship. These relationships are set up to help serve the student as a whole, meeting their needs at both a spiritual and emotional level. A good mentor accepts students where they are and meets them at a level and space they are comfortable with.

Program Volunteer: Outside of our mentoring programs, we also have a wide variety of programs that allow our volunteers to build relationships with our students in a more casual environment. These volunteers can commit in a time frame that works for them and help out in a way that meets their strengths. Drop-In volunteers help out in the kitchen, supervise the gym, play games with students, and offer their services in a variety of other ways. In addition to Drop-In, all of our other programs also require volunteers to help them run in a functional manner.

Other Ways: All of our programs, and the general function of our facilities, requires additional support from our community. From providing food to driving our buses, and cleaning the facility to helping with maintenance, we rely heavily on our community and volunteers to help us run our programs behind the scenes. We also rely heavily on the prayers of our community. Anyone can get involved in what God is doing here simply by taking the time to pray for us.


Do you want to become a part of The Bridge community? Awesome! To help you get started in the application process and to help us place you in the right program, please take a few minutes to fill out the Volunteer Intake form. This electronic form will let us know that you are interested! Still have questions? Please email Scott at scott.baumgartner@bymczeeland.org